2013年4月27日 星期六

Friends and foes

Familiarity breeds contempt, possibly even leading to hatred. But it might sometimes generate lasting relationship in cooperation or affection. That applies to the social and individual levels. It is a notable hypothesis in psychology and game theory. In daily language, friends and foes are not forever.

I am thinking about international relations (China-Japan; US-Japan; Germany-France); as well as personal love-hate stories, dramatized in popular movies and songs.

A case in point for the triangular relations among US, Japan and China?

Now critical comments emerge from US about Abe's hawkish gestures:

It may not be an expression of pacifism, but for fear that these vocal and actual provocations would only provide China excuses to strengthening its position in the arms race. Japan cannot rely on unlimited US military support without careful geopolitical considerations.

Earlier, I posted “An abyss in politics is more dangerous than any individual’s”, citing “Japan n Under Neonationalist, Neoliberal Rule: Moving Toward an Abyss?" (http://www.japanfocus.org/-Herbert_P_-Bix/3927) I quote:

"It is widely assumed that the Japan-U.S. military alliance plays a key role in securing peace in Northeast Asia. It not only shores up procedural democracy in Japan and South Korea but also assures Japan’s neighbors, China in particular, of Japan’s commitment to pacifism. Close analysis of the current stage of neonationalism and neoliberal austerity economics in Japan, as exemplified by the government that recently took over in Tokyo, conveys a different impression.

The 2012 election thus revealed growing divides in Japanese society along lines of income, age, and educational level. Concurrently, it signaled a determination on the part of the LDP to more vigorously pursue anti-populist, neoliberal policies even though they have contributed directly to voter disaffection, as well as growing poverty and insecurity.

Perhaps the greatest danger remains the Abe government’s deep embrace of U.S. strategic plans, designed to sustain the American empire of troops and bases including Japan and South Korea, and its naval fleets that patrol the Pacific. U.S. actions expose Japan to the fallout from Washington’s wars and interventions. As Abe presses ahead with risky neoliberal policies, Japan moves closer to a new emergency-power state. Only a mobilized Japanese people, advocating progressive agendas and committed to the spirit of the Constitution, will be able to prevent the LDP leaders from moving forward toward an abyss."
What kind of abyss? In international politics, conventional wisdom curiously converges, unfortunately...




2013年4月20日 星期六


三十歲上下成為人生的轉捩點,應屬現代實感。《論語·為政》說「三十而立 (五十知天命),當時人類有無孔丘如此長壽,實屬疑問。










轉片,唔該。1980 加 30 等如什麼年?



2013年4月14日 星期日


昨晨在有線看了〈歲月神偷〉,感覺不錯,演導俱佳。然後再翻讀 Paulo Coelho The Alchemist (鍊金者) ,比較喜愛的小說 (which has gone on to sell more than 65 million copies, becoming one of the best-selling books in history, and has been translated into 71 different languages, the 71st being Maltese, winning the Guinness World Record for most translated book by a living author.)

仍睡不著,唯有看高球的 Augusta MasterBrandt Snedeker and Angel Cabrera led …75分鐘按Now第二次,活士 -3

醒來,美心炒麵作午餐,又要觀看上海F1 賽事,Alonso勝出。200km/h的速度作非常技術性的選擇,有時可能涉及傷痛。想起〈歲月神偷〉的老二為何臨尾長相得那麼快?

Coelho在一篇訪問中,坦言不知怎麼處理The Alchemist後半段結局。他曾步行去西班牙的 Santiago de Compostela,從而醒悟而文思揮灑。



後記 (16/4/2013)

結果,我昨晨又看Augusta Master。由3時至今早7時許,因太累竟無法持續 playoff 第二洞,整天又不太清醒,真折墮...